Customs warehouses

Any legal entities, physical persons or other organizations of the Republic of Lithuania and foreign countries may store their goods (Lithuanian and non-Lithuanian origin) in type “A" customs warehouses.

Short characteristics:

Type “A” customs warehouses Ground m2 Load-carrying capacity of cranes, t Ramps Covered warehouse m2 Securing
Rimkai 5300 40 Šoninė - Yes
Laistai 17000 20 Galinė 800 Yes

The customs warehouse offers a complete range of services:

  • goods warehousing;
  • temporary cargo storage;
  • stevedoring operations;
  • handling of non-standard cargo;
  • sorting, parcel formation, re-packing and consolidation of goods as well as preparation for further transportation;
  • loading / unloading ramps (for transportation by vehicles and railway vans);
  • accounting and stocktaking of warehoused goods;
  • cargo insurance at the warehouse and in transit;
  • issuing of transit guarantees;
  • paying customs and excise duties, as well as other taxes and charges on behalf of the client.

Service to the customs warehouse and non-customs warehouse clients is provided by a customs brokers in charge of:

  • preparation and administration of customs and transport documentation;
  • preparation and submission of “INTRASTAT" reports to the customs;
  • consultation on the issues of customs services and handling of the documents;
  • representation of your company's interests at the customs office;
  • representation in customs, public and other services, in obtaining licenses, certificates and permits;
  • execute full control of the customs procedures;
  • ensure high quality of servicing and fair prices;
  • guarantee- saved time as well as polite and quick services for you.

We are ready to work even during weekends and holidays having information about the arriving cargo in advance.

All of the merchandise in the warehouse are insured. The insurance covers all types of risk.

The safety of merchandise is guaranteed both by passive security tools as well as a 24/7 security squad.

Cargo tracking