About us

Barba Logistics, Dortmund was established  in 01.01.2008 and is based in Germany as a representative of Trenze Logistics, Klaipeda.

We provide comprehensive transportation services from the calculation of the cost of transportation to its implementation. Payment for the provided services is made through Trenze Logistics, Klaipeda.

Our core competency – direct and combined rail freight from Western Europe to CIS countries, the Baltic states, Mongolia, China as well as in the opposite direction:

  • through the port of Kiel, by ferry Kiel – Klaipeda
  • through the port of Sassnitz, by ferry Sassnitz / Mukran Ust Luga , Russia (1 time per week)
  • through the port of Travemünde (Lübeck) by ferry Travemünde Liepaja, Latvia (4 times per week);
  • through land borders Malashevitse Brest (Poland Belarus) and Zahon / black over Tisza Chop (Hungary/Slovakia Ukraine).

Our business is based on:

  • long-term contracts with DB Schenker Rail, the shipping company DFDS Seaways and the ferry port Mukran.
  • agreements with firms paying the railway freights through the territories of the Baltic states and CIS countries
  • contracts with road freight partners in Germany, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark for the transportation by trucks from and to the ferry ports of Kiel, Travemünde, Sassnitz/Mukran

We offer the following services:

  • we provide the rates for the direct and combined railway transportation (West-East and East-West);
  • arranging the best routes for special transportation in accordance with the clients' demands and requirements;
  • development of loading plans for optimal loading of wagons;
  • development of loading schemes and their arrangments for the transportation in the Western European and broad gauge wagons for oversized and heavy cargo;
  • Arrangements for the delivery of goods by road to and from the port and the railway terminals;
  • Transport and congestion control while changing the type of transportation in the ports of Sassnitz / Mukran, Travemünde, Kiel and Klaipeda;
  • Daily monitoring of tracking the wagons to their destination point;
  • Solving the problems that occur during the transportation
Cargo tracking