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Тhe Trenze Group has been operating in Klaipėda (Lithuania) since 1995.
Our core business is focused on oversized and overweight cargo forwarding by railway.

We specialize in loading, lashing and cargo transportation on railway platforms, special wagons, open-top wagons as well as transporters. Our team prepares load plans depicting loading arrangements for oversized and overweight cargo, negotiates these plans with the appropriate railway partners and arranges reloading and lashing of cargo at 2 own loading terminals in Klaipėda and 1 loading terminal in Germany. We solve customs and railway formalities, prepare all necessary documentation and pay railway tariffs for the Baltic, EU and CIS states аs well as the freight cost. Goods are stored in our own two private customs warehouses in Klaipėda. Trenze Logistics CJSC provides a full array of cargo transportation services in the ports of Klaipėda, Liepāja, Riga, Ventspils, Paldiski, in other cities of the Baltic Sea,  Scandinavia, as well as via the Caspian Sea.

Barba Logistics Ltd. arranges cargo transportation from Western Europe in European wagons, reloads the goods in a German port and further reloads the cargo into wagons of CIS gauge.

The Trenze Group also offers door-to-door cargo delivery services by air, water and road transport.

How to find us

Minijos str. 91, LT-93234, Klaipėda
Tel.: +370 46 312421
Fax: +370 46 492747
E-mail: trenze@trenze.lt

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